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Indian 2015 Leaderboards

Rank Player Points
1    Rohan Ranjan 100
2   Rohit Thakur 75
3   Gaurav Gupta 50
4   Debotpal 50
Team Points
1   Oblique Gaming 100
2  Team Azazel Gaming Pro 75
3   Roar 50
4  Surekh Gaming 50
5   New World Oder 25
Rank Team Points
1   NeckBreak 275
2   Team Elunes 250
3  Brutality 125
4   MxB 100
5 Trade Marc. Gaming 75
Rank Team Points
1   Krishanth Sivarajh 100
2   Vignesh Balan 75

The following rankings are based on points given out to teams/players in tournaments organized by NODWIN Gaming.

**Disclaimer: With so many teams attending different events and events being far and few in between, especially LAN events, it difficult to judge the context of which event’s results should count for more than another.
Rather than construct some kind of elaborate point, we’ve instead looked back over the recent form of each of the teams out there in India and determined the rankings according to our own analysis and intuition.
Heavy emphasis is given to number of LAN events attended and the competition faced at these LAN events, and the teams’ placing at these events. Online events are also taken into consideration, but to a lesser degree compared to LAN events.

In case you want any new national tournament to be officially included in ranking system kindly write to us at