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Start time: Today, 13 Jul 2015 18:00 IST

Game: League of Legends
Game ID: LoL Summoner Name (Singapore)
Mode: 5on5 Summoners Rift
Rules: Go to rules

Quick Rules


  • Mode: Best of one (Tournament Draft Mode)
  • The higher seed can choose their starting side.
  • Please play all matches with the provided Tournament Code.
  • Make sure you read this very important ruleset.
  • Schedule will be updated soon.



The Official coverage partner for this tournament will be LordNOD – Indian gaming & eSports media Channel.

LordNOD Twitch: Click here

LordNOD YouTube: Click here

Help & Support

We’ve created a full how-to-play guide for easy signup and playing in the ESL League of Legends Cups! Check it out, signup for the next cup and start competing with the best teams in India.

Here are some of the simple steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Register yourself on the ESL Website:

Step 2: Now go to your profile and click on the settings (wheel) icon which appears next to your profile name on the top right side. In your settings click on GameAccounts and enter your LoL Summoner Name (Singapore) here.

Step 3: Please ensure all members of your team have completed the above two mandatory steps.

Step 4: Next step is to create your team. Click settings and scroll down to click My teams. Click this and then click register new team. Enter team name and you will be directed to the Team Control page.

Step 5: When you reach the Team Control page, you will see a the link to invite your team members. Share this to your team and they will use it to join your team. Once your team has 5 players, your team is ready to register for the cup.

Step 5: Go to the Cup page and click Signup. If you have not completed any of the requirements as mentioned above, it will show an “x” mark next to the requirement.

And that’s it.. your team is now registered in the tournament. You can check your team under the registered teams list. Good Luck for your games !