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Our other Nepalese team, 3C4DA will be joining us at The ESL India Premiership – Masters in Delhi to compete for the lion’s share of the prize pool. Lead by the enigmatic Shreshta brothers, this team is a force to be reckoned with. With their high risk – high reward playstyle, Team 3C4DA has taken many a LAN tournament in Nepal. Now, they travel to India eager to display their skill and make their country proud.

The Roster of Team 3C4SR

Sanjeev “ 3czcxv “ Shrestha
Sanjay “ 3cY “ Shrestha
Sagar “ Madara “ KC
Suman “ Heaven “ Maharjan
Rohit “ Serio “ Shahi

The charismatic 3czcxv is their commander in chief. Like most captains in the South-Asian Dota Scene, he is their 4 position support who prefers to babysit his carry in the initial laning phase and starts roaming only after the early laning stage farm is secured. Their ace carryMadara’ is a very reliable player who makes decisions when they begin snowballing in their mid-game. There is no stopping this snowball after it starts rolling down the hill. Either they crush their enemy teams winning team-fight after team-fight and securing important objectives like Roshan and towers one after the other. Or it Implodes, where they lose one teamfight and the free farming enemy carry is able to win the game for their enemies. However more often than not this high-risk, high-reward playstyle works for them and they end up dominating most of their games. This is in no doubt in thanks to phenomenal mid lane play by the other brother from the Shrestha clan, 3cY. He is a class act, his midlane prowess was unmatched in Nepal and now here he comes to showcase his skill on the ESL India Premiership- Masters in Delhi. Their other support Serio is no pushover either, he is the one who makes the early rotations and creates space for his carries to farm along with Heaven, their offlaner. Heaven somehow manages to find farm, be it through kills or Iron Talon jungling, consistently. He is the tempo controller in the Mid-Game for his team.

“Just like all the other teams we would like to win this tournament and will try our best. We believe every team in this tournament will be a big challenge for since this is our first time playing in an International LAN event. This is the highest prize pool tournament we have ever played in and it is gonna be a huge challenge for us.” – Sanjeev ”3czcxv” Shreshta

Player to Watch for:  3cY
Most Picked Heroes:  Ogre Magi, Sand King, Outworld Devourer Style of Play: Aggressive playstyle resembling Wings Gaming in their championship winning TI6 run.

Can this humble team go all the way and win the title? Or will they bow out on the road to the title? How will they fare in their first ever international LAN? Find out when ESL India Premiership resumes at Delhi where we will find out which team will reign supreme and take home the Masters trophy.

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