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As we look ahead to the ESL India Premiership, we continue to put the spotlight on the teams who will be fighting for the trophy. Here’s our take on team Dare2Dream.


D2D’s meteoric rise in the Indian CS:GO scene has been magnificent to watch. Come December, they will be heading to the ESL India Premiership Masters in Delhi to put their abilities to the ultimate test, in a LAN environment against some of India as well as Asia’s best teams. Let’s have a look at what these young group of boys are dreaming of.

D2D started off as team MxB Gaming, an up and coming Mumbai based CS:GO squad comprised of the younger bunch, and always on the fringes of the top tier of Indian CS:GO. Led by captain and shot caller Bhavin “HellRangeR” Kotwani, this lineup has shaped up to be one of the country’s best in recent times. Known for their highly tactical style of play, D2D has improved their game in leaps and bounds to be the team that they are now. Initially struggling in the opening versions of the Starter Cups, MxB looked like they would fall victim to roster issues and the usual problems of having to play without sponsors. After losing multiple players it seemed all but over for them with with Bhavin making an extremely emotional and heartfelt statement regarding the teams issues. But he stuck it out along with long time teammates Mohit “Spawn” Wakle and Shailesh “Blackhawk” Dalvi and boy are we glad that he did. After recruiting old teammate Sharan “Busterr” Dave, MxB looked to the far east of the country to lock down their 5th. Enter Sabyasachi Bose. This Bengali youngster had been making waves year long, first playing for the Invisible Wings side which placed second in Starter Cup 1. After IW’s roster change he was left without a proper organization but his hard work and raw talent didn’t go unnoticed as he was picked up by MxB shortly after.

Picture Credits: LXGIndiatv

MxB went on to participate in the ZOWIE EXTREMESLAND India Quals but looked shaky in their first outing, and with Antidote missing from the lineup, it wasn’t the best start.  Over the next few months MxB participated in a host of online as well as LAN tournaments and slowly but surely they were taking their game to the next level. Their first major victory was at the NVIDIA FPS Battle Online Cup where they pulled off a very impressive win over perennial favorites, Team Brutality in the finals. They went on to play at the Dew Arena LAN but couldn’t make it onto the main stage. After placing first in Starter Cup 4, they basically stomped over all their competitors in Challenger Cup 2 to make it to the Masters. After being picked up by D2D they have looked pretty formidable especially on maps like dust2 and mirage. While cache and nuke still aren’t maps Indian teams are playing that much, look to D2D who certainly have one or two aces up their sleeve. Superior team play, impeccable shot calling and the ability to step up when required is what makes the team stand out as one of the top teams in the scene currently.

Unfortunately, Mohit “Spawn” Wakle has stepped out of the roster due to personal reasons and by the looks of things may not be in a postion to continue playing competitively but D2D have found a worthy replacement in Raju “PokerF” Jittu, a very experienced player who has played for teams like NSD and Scorchers in the past. But it still comes as a big blow as D2D now have to change up their style to incorporate a new player in the mix. They also are continuing with Kavish Chauhan who did standin at the Challenger Cup after the departure of Busterr.

We have started to prepare a couple of days back giving us 10-12 days of preparation.  That sounds decent but given the fact we have 2 stand ins means we have to start from scratch, so we’ll have to work a lot harder than other teams. I personally am never satisfied with the preparation unless we get prepared 100 Percent which at this stage isn’t possible to judge. All the teams coming down to the masters are tough so there’s no easy battle to be won. But I think Risky coming in should be a good challenge for the Indian teams . Since they’re doing so well in Asia it will be a good way for Indian teams to gauge how we perform and where we stand. We would like to give a big shoutout to ARG lounge and fashiontitle and of course to everyone in the D2D family for helping us get here. – HellrangeR

As usual Bhavin will be leading the team and will be joined by long time teammate Blackhawk. Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose has been absolutely stellar in the last few months and will be continuing his new role as an entry fragger. Meanwhile the two standins, Kavish and PokerF will also be in the lineup with PokerF most probably taking up the AWPing role from Spawn.

Expect some big things from this squad who hope to have their hard work and patience rewarded in India’s largest LAN till date.

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