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Here’s a look at one of the favourites of the tournament, Invisible Wings.

One of the most beloved and successful teams in India, the runner up of Starter Cup 1, Invisible Wings disbanded a month after a tournament due to roster changes. But now they’ve rallied their troops once again to fight one last time against 7 of the best Dota 2 teams in the Indian subcontinent at the ESL India Premiership – Masters. Perhaps only rivalled in skill by their arch-rivals Beyond Infinity, Invisible wings will look to finish their run in the ESL India Premiership in style by taking home the gold.


Raunak “ Crowley ” Sen
Darshan ” A35 ” Bata
Ketan ” Evil-Ash ” Goyal
Omkar “ P@soll ” Urunkar
Harsh “ Archmage ” Shah

This team lives and breathes Crowley. He is the player the squad looks up to when they are staring down the barrel of defeat. He is the player who is out their leading the charge when they are stomping their opponents. He is their Captain. With Archmage, another extremely skilled mid/carry, Crowley can switch from Mid to Safelane and vice-versa quite seamlessly giving Invisible Wings a unique advantage. Evil-Ash is also one of the best supports currently plying his trades in India, always the playmaker for his side and one of the best users of the smoke of deceit the nation has witnessed. A35 is arguably India’s best offlane player, his mid-game prowess is absolutely phenomenal and he often takes over matches all by himself. ‘P@soll’ the other support of the Invisible Wings squad is just 18. But don’t let his age fool you, He packs quite a punch and has formed a lethal combo with Evil-Ash as the support duo.

 “Good Luck” -Raunak “Crowley “ Sen

Player to watch out for: Raunak “Crowley ” Sen
Most Picked Heroes:  Lion, Batrider, Vengeful Spirit

Style of Play: Dominating the offlane either by dual laning or pure outplay by A35 with supports securing the safelane farm of the carry. Crowley/Archmage usually win the midlane by outskilling the enemy securing a Mid-Game victory.

In a continuously shifting and fluid environment that is Indian Counter Strike, one squad has managed to carry forward their roster without any changes for a while now and with multiple LAN victories under their belt, team Invisible Wings will be looking to notch up another one. IW initially qualified for Challenger Cup 1 with an entirely different roster but they switched up the lineup picking up the now disbanded team Wolf lineup all the while retaining their star player Simar “-psy” Sethi. The move worked wonders, as the squad started off in grand fashion, winning the first Challenger over arch rivals Brutality. From there they went on to the ZOWIE EXTREMESLAND India Quals where, after edging out Brutality once again, they lost to Invictus. Despite an obvious loss of morale IW bounced back in emphatic fashion at the Dew Arena finale, walking away victors after beating out (no surprises) Brutality. But since then there has been a very sharp dip in form, especially evident at the IeSC where they fell to Brutality and then got knocked out by Kolkata based clan, JMDAim2Game in a shock upset. But as they say, the true mark of a team is not in its wins but in its losses and hopefully the event will come as a good lesson to the players.

The lineup consists of very familiar names in the Indian Counter Strike circuit, names which have been in and around the scene for quite a while now. Ritesh “Ritz” Shah and Mithil “MithilF” Sawant have both represented India in Cologne under the MTS/Wolf banner while Manan “Nijo” Bhatt and Akshay
“Kappa” Sinkar both have been in the circuit for quite a while now. Leading the charge is IGL “psychedelic” or “-psy” as he chooses to call himself, a prolific all round player by his own right who can be deadly with all sorts of weapons and in all sorts of scenarios. When this guy brings his a game, it’s really hard to shut him down and he has been known to single handedly win games off his own performance. Though the team has been playing together for longer than most others in the Masters, a major issue that they do face is communication. With a lot of experience in play spread over Ritz, Manan, Kappa and Mithil sometimes the team does seem to over communicate a bit and that might be their big weakness. Also the lack of a dedicated AWPer is something the team has been struggling with for a while and it is something that their opponents might be looking to exploit. Strongest maps include train and cobblestone while they do seem to struggle on mirage and cache quite a bit.

Basically we are practicing 4 hours a day
due to some player commitments.
It’s not much , but we’ve totally changed our playstyle and we feel confident this time
After the IESC upset, when we lost to JMD gaming we’ve worked on our playstyle and other stuff
So we are confident that this time we will go aggressive! – Simar “-psy” Sethi

Simar “-psy” Sethi
Manan “nijo” Bhatt
Akshay “Kappa” Sinkar
Ritesh “Ritz” Shah
Mithil “MithilF” Sawant

Interesting to note the Simar will have the homeground advantage at the Masters, with it being his home city, and as seen before in the Dew Arena finals, he does have a lot of fan following in the city of Delhi.

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