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Let’s take a look at another contender to the throne today – Team Overcome

Overcome is one of those teams which has been lingering around the top spots for a while now, but doesn’t have too many titles under the belt. But their consistency among the top teams and the potential to suddenly become too hot to handle is what gives them an edge.

Overcome was formed in early Feb 2016. The players who formed the team, however, had earned themselves quiet a reputation already by making big plays in local LAN tournaments across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, and had been active every since the CS 1.6 era.  Overcome rose to the limelight for the first time at Video Games Festival in Pune where they beat Team Destructive5.  At the same time, they were managing to give Team Brutality a run for their money. This type of high and consistent performance grabbed eyeballs from every corner of the country.


They placed first in Starter Cup and finished at the 3rd-4th position in Challenger Cup #1, which got them the slot in the Masters Cup which will be taking place this December. Since then, Overcome has come a long way! The highlight of their careers would definitely be their victory in the Indian Qualifiers at ESWC 2016 and getting a chance to represent their country in Paris, where even after losing to Heroic and Bravado, they definitely managed to bedazzle our hearts. Let’s take a look at their lineup:

  • Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma
  • Aaqib “FalKen” Dingankar
  • Vivek “Shabby” Patel
  • Divesh “m0nster” Shetty
  • Sachin “pwn” Gaikwad

Overcome posing for the camera before their departure for ESWC Paris 2016

Overcome has been able to ground many of their opponents with well-timed site executes and great entry frags by pwn and falken, while the captain Amaterasu dislodges the defenses with his effective lurking.  Although the team has a pretty high win rate on Mirage, there have been times when they were cutting it really close and have lost out after being so close to victory. Strengthening this map would give Overcome a massive boost. Another problem for them is cobblestone and nuke where they have often been unable to do much on the terrorist side and hence got punished with losses. While the team is full of extremely talented individuals, strengthening a couple of maps would give them the edge that they need.

They have seen all sorts of colors of most of the other teams that will be attending the tournament.
Overcome has shared quiet a fierce history with Invisible Wings. They beat Entity Blue / Invisible Wings in the grand finals of ESWC 2016, while IW managed to take a revenge game against them in Indian eSports Championship Ground Zero which was recently held in Mumbai. Needless to say, the rivalry between Invisible Wings and Overcome would be at its peak during the ESL Masters Cup this December. If these two teams face off, it will be a must-watch match.

Another team which Overcome needs to keep its eyes peeled out for is Brutality. While Brutality may have defeated them in “The Uprising” stage of IeSC, Overcome shattered Paris dreams for Brutality in ESWC Indian Qualifiers. Brutality also was able to beat them in their face-off during the Indian and Middle Easter Qualifier for CS:GO Asia Minor, while Overcome hit back during the Mountain Dew LAN Championship.
A point of concern for Overcome would be Team Dare2Dream / MxB, probably one of the few teams they have not been able to ‘overcome’ yet. How would they fare against them? Find out soon as the ESL India Premiership Masters Cup unfolds. Stay tuned!

Players to watch out for – Amaterasu – the in-game leader is famous for his backstabbing and lurking and may have a few tricks up his sleeve for the grand final event.
Shabby – has been performing consistently well, especially with the AWP. He won’t fail to get the all important mid-control when fights get heated up.


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